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Chicago Resident's Web Site To Debut On 20m Free Web Space? Network

(Chicago, IL, Oct 5, 2000) -- Taking advantage of the free web space and web site building tools offered by 20m Free Web Space (, Chicago resident Diane Peyton has created "Musicalchairs" (, a site devoted specifically to Music Careers.

Diane's web site provides music recording career opportunities and information.. Diane chose the 20m Free Web Space for website hosting primarily because of the click n' build features, and web "pro"vision.

Diane, like many small businesses, families, and individuals, is turning to free web providers like 20m Free Web Space to easily and quickly establish an Internet presence without the traditional expenses and risks involved in building a web site. Not only does 20m Free Web Space charge no monthly fees for free custom domain names, but also provides tools that enable anyone, regardless of experience or Internet savvy, to create a professional-looking web site in minutes. They can then easily update and add cool new features to their site from month to month.

At a time when good domain names are becoming scarce, Diane was also able to choose a domain name that fit the content of "Musicalchairs" by utilizing the free "custom domain names," which lets members include their own name or business name right in the URL, such as "". Savvy surfers like Diane have already established their web spaces on 20m Free Web Space, and the word has been spreading fast.

All anyone has to do is go to, fill out a quick sign up form, and then start building a web site. Word of mouth seems to be letting the secret out quickly. To go to Musicalchairs, simply type "" into your web browser. For those interested in creating a free 20m Free Web Space? web site right away, type ""