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Over 30 years ago I began what I had hoped would be a successful and lucrative career as a recording engineer and producer. Little did I know that it was going to take some heavy plowing the road and field by female pioneer recording engineers such as Carmen at P. S. Studios in Chicago, Snow at 54 East in Pasadena, Jane at Motown, Linda at A & M, Debbie at Songwriters showcase on Melrose and Barbara at New Zoo, just to name a few besides yours truly. We were just not accepted by most and was blatantly told "This is a man's world". But there were just that few who were willing to support us as best as they could and some times it was even torturous and dangerous as most pioneer journeys are.
I remember being told I would have to own my own studio if I wanted to work as an engineer and so it seemed so natural when I was approached to be a song publisher by my newly acquainted producer/friend whom I met at the song writers showcase to be a way to afford building it.
Well needless to say to this date it hasn't happened yet but I am deeply encouraged and inspired by our predecessor in studio ownership and operations who has 'fait ac⋅com⋅pli' what each of the aforementioned and who knows how many others aspired to do. This hopefully will forever silence and break the stronghold of disrespect and m alignment against women especially African American in the field. Congratulations Lisa Hampton.  You go girl, with our blessing.

For much more info visit Dave Hampton

Speaking of shout outs a special CONGRATS to S P A R S which has elected their first African American President Eric W. Johnson of Blazing Music Sound whom is successor to Leslie Ann Jones of Skywalker Sound

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