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November/December 2002-The Engineering and Recording Society of Chicago has just elected a new president. Congratulations Mary(Tone Mistress)Mazurek. Way to go. Visit http://www.ears-chicago.org/eardrum/2002.11.shtml to learn more about the first femme fatal of EARS.

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May/June 2002-JAZZ IN JUNE
Was as eventful as ever. Four enchanting days with the most fabulous musical jazz gurus of the era.

The Chicago Gospel Fest
which took place this past weekend and was showcased for a spectacular three day weekend just blew me away. Richard Smallwood & Vision was the hi-light of my earthday celebration presenting the festival with inspiring, wonderful feelings, followed by a beautiful fireworks display over the lake. Then came Sunday. I have to tell you that something very special happened on Sunday in Grant Park. Great legends like Bishop Larry D. Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs; “A Touch of Chicago’s Gospel Pioneers" featuring Willie James McPhatter, Philip Gilbert Jr., Rebecca Nixon and Aldrea Lenox, hosted by Reverend Lucius Hall; Young Saints with a vision from Indiana; Jesse Dixon (Salutee); The Mighty Clouds of Joy were all simply awe inspiring. But I have to say that the closing performance, just did it all for me.
I had sat through the entire performances; clapping and swaying to the melodic rhythms and vocalizations which moved me. I really had not planned to stay, but the waters parted so to speak and I was able to come into the seating area. I wanted to meet and compliment John the sound man on what a great job he was doing. He let me know that Richard Smallwood had brought his own sound man which did a great job as well the previous night. Sweet Holy Spirit was starting to perform and I had admired a slogan they sported on the caps they were marketing a few years back, so I sat down and enjoyed them. When I heard the announcer say, "New Direction", I knew I wasn't going anywhere until I heard them. The last time I heard them perform, it was such a treat. But I had no idea it was going to be a triple blast until it happened. The Chicago Mass Choir, Praise II and New Direction were the mystical and regenerating performance of the evening with their spectacular and awsome vocalizing, dancing and musicianship. They absolutely proved that the best young music performers are right here in the great city of Chicago. I actually danced like I did a decade ago and felt that way too. World! You ain't heard nothing till you hear them. Those who left after the Mighty Clouds of Joy, who were fabulous and I really enjoyed them, just have no idea of how much they would have appreciated staying..
Diane P

I had the opportunity to catch a small portion of The Chicago Bluesfest which kicked off the season, and which I am sorely disappointed that I could not spend more time attending. But what I did get to was fantastic. John Mooney, http://blindpigrecords.com/artists/Mooney,+John.html, and Bluesiana and their delightful rendition of country blues music, "Mama's little baby loves short'nin' bread", was down right gravitating. Thank you for giving us such a good time. Stopped me in my tracks as I was passing by, on my way to the Chicago Blues Museum, founded by former guitarist extraordinaire, Greg Parker. The Parkers have for over a decade now given Chicago such a great time at their blues music exhibit; showcasing artist by video music, stills and memorabilia. I was also able to catch a bit of the blues panel discussion which focus was to expand attention to blues music. I really heard some exciting ideas that they are working to bring to bare.
Diane P

EARS OF CHICAGO March/April 2002 -EARS & NARAS Chicago Chapter Meet Members of the Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago met with members of the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Academy and its Executive Director, Leslie Lewis. It was hosted by NARAS Chicago chapter at Deaf Dog Music to discuss Sound Exchange and issues pertaining to webcasting royalties among other topics. Stay in touch for further info.
Diane P

EARS ELECTS January/February 2002 - The Engineering and Recording Society of Chicago has elected a new president. Musician/owner DAVID MOSS of The Crib Studio in Skokie will be reigning at the helm which I am sure will be an exciting and innovative experience. Stay tune for continuing info regarding this ground-breaking occurrence.
Look for the related article in February issue of ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER.
On another note; at the latest EARS meeting I spoke to Urban Guerilla's owner DANNY LEAKE. He told me that he had mastered JACKIE ALLEN'S CD and when I checked out her website,http://jackieallen.com, I found a wealth of her voluptuous vocalizations. I don't know which you mastered Danny but I know it must have been heaven on earth. Diane P