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December 2003 ARTIST PRO has announced changes for the upcomming new year which includes; "Free Classified Ad Section" and       * Free "Show Us Your Studio" Photo Album Section where you can post images of where you make music".    
   Extra! Extra! THE WINTER BLAST
That retains Prez MARY MAZUREK at the helm of EARS. We are looking forward to the new agendas Prez has in store and you know the drill its always better the second time around. Congrats mighty lady!

Continuing the home page chat bout the Robert Kelly extravaganza I just want to say how thrilling it was to see Chicago dressin and steppin on the Billboard stage. At least it was a nine million rating report and too bad for those twelve mil who missed out because of the wedding bell blues and pinks.
I don't know who the steppers were and I welcome any input you may want to contribute, but I was so happy watching them and they looked so damn good. But the bomb was in the entrance with the horse drawn carriage with R Kelly flavored opera that bridged into it.
I've read a few reports relative to steppin to properly do my research before 'texting' this article. I can tell you that forms of steppin have been going on since the 40's I had my first lesson watching EUGENE RECORD formerly of the CHI-LITES' big sister Ruth when she was my baby sitter and I remember how surprised she was to see me doing it because no one taught me except I watched.
This summer I watched an elderly couple steppin at one of WNUA's back yard parties at the Chi Historical Society where Nick Colionne was performing. And I'm suspecting they had been doing it all their life cause they were looking like pros. I can also tell you from experience that steppin as we did in the sixties was therapeutic and it may have even been addictive cause I did it every night until I got tired of it. But some have never tired they just evolved it. For more info visit Steppin' to A Chicago beat and History of Dusty/Steppin'...
Diane P

Summer's over as we Fall into Winter
October/November 2003 All of the wonderful outdoor concerts that we were privy to see and hear...Radio station WNUA gave us among a host of others NICK COLIONNE backed by foot tapping latin rythms at their jazz series in the Chi Historical Society's backyard. Nick's CD is reportedly doing the chart climb locally and nationally and he wants you to celebrate it with him. For more info and to get a taste of his music go to Nick Colionne Jazz Guitar Homepage
A stable of Chi land stations partly sponsored a host of live concerts. We had CSO, GPO, RAVINIA and the PIER... from the Cafe to the Skyline, the Dock and the Garden...Neighbor Fests, Blues Fests, Country Fests, Taste Fests, Jazz Fests, Latin Fests and the Country Club Fests on the South Shore.
We enjoyed and sometimes not, a host of street performers including SISTERS OF PRAISE on strings from Wisconsin -- Sisters playing strings from Atlanta, smooth sax sounds, and who was that conga player in the subway? I never got a chance to find out... he was rarely there and I was always pushing... Best I've heard in a long time. Then of course there were those feisty young ones kicking slamming beats on paint cans stopping crowds in their pace.
Then to top it all off we got icing on the cake...Blue cashed in with a big bee STING "SEND YOUR LOVE" by the lake.
We do party hardy in summer Chi land and we don't hibernate either. Yall keep a coming cause we just go warm & cozy on the inside as we fall into winter.

Diane P

A rare performance by one of the most precious gifts that has graced this planet in this writer's opinion... You know the one; "My Name Is Barbra". No I did not get a chance to see her in person. I watched her on Oprah... And I listened. Cause I truly believe BARBRA STREISAND exemplifies the epitome of Source expression. Her experience with the mums outside her windows was all Barbra.
It has nothing to do with growing old or aging. It has everything to do with the cultivated dominion of being a clear transparency of Love and giving, which she has done through her music and various expressions completely. Yes; the sun may have been the way the mums changed colors; that's the how that is nobody's business. But the why it happened was when you let the love shine and flow; it comes back in many ways; one of them being dominion over your own experience.
Gen: I... the writings of JOEL GOLDSMITH, Barbra's reference and this author's own experience.
That being said, I have only to say that every one of us has the opportunity to express dominion if we get out the way and feel the love shine through. We do need to know that so we can aspire to it by giving our gifts whether music, recording, baking or making.
Diane P

August/September 2003
In previous articles, the young jazz musicians from various universities around the country, performing in Ravinia's Stean's Institute program were mistakenly referred to as the "Jazz Scholars". They were actually the "Young Artist" in the jazz program. The Jazz Scholars are actually those artists featured on the HOME & TALENT SPOTLIGHT pages of this web site. During the preparation of the article, the available info I had was incomplete. Deepest and sincere apologies.
Diane P


June/July 2003-RAVINIA'S BACK
And they are serving mighty cool Jazz. You might even say cold jazz with the temps being what they were in magic land. I attended my first Master Class at the Martin Theatre and I had no idea what I had been missing. It was a very worthwhile experience for an engineer/producer/musician, such as myself to have. And I was able to personally meet the class conductor Mr. RUSSELL MALONE and to hear him play with his quartet. I had wanted and planned to attend the final AES Chicago chapter meet until the fall. Dr. Richard C. Cabot, President of XFRM, Inc., was giving a presentation titled “Technology Issues In Surround Sound, Multi-Channel and Multi-Format Audio.” Boy did I vacillate on that one. Leave the eloquent stylings of Mr. Malone, Count Basie Orchestra and PATTIE AUSTIN . I mean the presentation was something I really wanted to attend. Alas! I realized I couldn't miss either. Thank God for the world wide web. Check back for more on the series I have more to say about the outstanding artist on the horizon from Steans Institute.

Speaking of Institutions, Apple stores have daily on premises FREE classes, seminars and workshops which actually show you how to use their soft ware. I am truly looking forward to attending some especially those dealing with MUSIC.
Diane P

BADUIZM hit Chi town at the opening night Taste Of Chicago concert. Wow what an Erykah experience as she enchanted with her soft caressing expression; enlightened with her understanding of Life and Love and hit us with her slammin style. A true gift.

SYLEENA JOHNSON our own hometown strong brew gift was a show opening magnificent appetizer. She is a sure sign of what was meant to be will be no matter what. Love and blessings Syleena.

Back to Ravinia! Now I really do want to tell you about Steans Institue out standing jazz scholars. I heard them and they are truly worthy of more than a mention for this webpage. That is why I need your indulgence just a little bit longer.

In the meantime, the almighty CSO at Ravinia has been such a wonderful experience and the Gershwin program with conductor DAVID ALAN MILLER , pianist KEVIN COLE , and the crystal cool drink of water at an oasis, vocalist SYLVIA MC NAIR was just "utopic". Her performances were dazzling with a capital D.

Diane P
NEXT TIME! The jazz scholars et al @ Ravinia.

When I was producing my cable access show in the late 80s' and early 90s'; ARTHUR PEYTON III was co-producing and directing music videos for the show and on occasion he would talk to young artist about the importance of musical roots and where their direction was with their music. Once he lectured about how few young African American jazz artist there were in the music community. About how every other nationality was playing and learning jazz and it being our heritage; how important it was to learn and perform it. Well the Arthur Peyton III I know would be so happy and proud if he knew about young performing artist such as QUAMON FOWLER, JEROME JENNINGS, SEAN JONES and BENJAMIN WILLIAMS who are among the notably talented young jazz artist at Steans in Ravinia Park.

As previously stated, I attended my first master class at the Martin. Later that evening Quamon, a very gifted tenor sax musician was outside the Pavilion and we had a chance to meet and chat. He asked me if I was going to stay for the late show. I rarely did because I had so far to travel by public transportation and walking at dark thirty in the A.M. "By my spirit" I was so glad I did stay. It was so worth it. I listened to some of the most gifted young people that I am so pleased to say will certainly keep the art form in place for another half a century at least.
Already accomplished musicians who still consider themselves students and continuously study because they want to perfect their expression of the art form. They are wise enough to know that degrees and certificates aren't the epitome of the art. Heart and soul effort is.
Artist like JASON PALMER , trumpet player extraordinaire, who simply blew me away because I was thinking I was going to hear "amateur" playing. A faculty member of the New England Conservatory Pre School and student at the New England Conservatory.
Bassist BENJAMIN WILLIAMS , who is just finishing up his first year at Michigan State U and has some remarkable credits to his appearances.
PATRICIA ZARATE from Santago, Chile, Alto Saxophonist who moved to the U. S. and obtained a degree from Berklee College of Music.
Multi-awarded pianist DANIELA SCHACHTER who moved to Boston from Italy attended Berklee and has a extensive discography.
Also multi-awarded drummer CHARLESTON "DENO" SANDERS an Indiana U grad that has the Broadway show "Blues In The Night" among his notable credit history.
Cleveland native, JEROME JENNINGS who has performed at Carnegie Hall as a drummer and SEAN JONES, trumpeter who is being featured on one of my favorite orchestra leader, GERALD WILSON'S album.
DANIEL CAMPBELL who began studying his instrument at the age of nine, later enrolling in a St. Louis program for talented artists that allowed him the opportunity to study with career musicians. Proving where there's a will there is a way, he intermittingly studied with notable pros and is now pursuing a music degree at the U of Northern Illinois.
NIAL DJULIARSO from Jakarta, Indonesia; A professional/student pianist at Berklee and with other independent mentors; also has performed at Carnegie.
Multi music style, including rock and bluegrass bassist, JOEL KELSEY ; Composer and alto saxophonist KARL LIECHTY , who plays rock/jazz and fusion; award winning bassist BRANDI DISTERHEFT from Vancouver, BC and multi-award winning drummer BRYSON KERN currently studying jazz percussion with playing professionally, an already accomplished feat; are also a part of this entourage.
And of course, QUAMON FOWLER who released his first independent CD titled "Introducing Quamon Fowler", and won the first annual ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer Award rounds off this impressive group of players.

The distinguished faculty for these students were David Baker,Chairman and Author; James Moody, Saxophone and flute; Danilo Perez, pianist and composer; Rufus Reid, Bass; and Nathan Davis, Saxophone.
Mr. Russell Malone, Guitar; Victor Goines, Saxophone and Irwin Mayfield, Trumpet; conducted the master classes for the series.

I sincerely hope that Musical Chairs visitors will take note and check out and support these talented artist who have given so much time and love to their craft.

Diane P
NEXT TIME! An Unexpected Ravinia Experience.

I was sitting in one of my favorite haunts one day and I heard this song come over the P A system and I listened for a few seconds, when I knew I had to know the name of it and who the velvety voiced artist was. Well the name of the song was "I've got to see you again" and the artist was NORA JONES . Never heard of her, who is she? HA! Well apparently a lot of people knew who she was and after checking out her CD, I realized I had heard her before on some of the more frequently played titles. I guess I should say it was that song that made me pay attention. That was it for me; I became an appreciator.
Well the next thing that happened, I received my email from the Cyber club @ Ravinia announcing the opening and the rest of the hoopla. It was a couple of days before I got to it. I open, click and shock city, NORA JONES , Sold Out! No way. They just started selling the tickets. What in the world. So I counted seeing her out, at least at Ravinia, anyway.

The big night arrives, I'm in the neighborhood on business, maybe I'll stick around and take a listen for a bit while waiting for my train. Well bless my soul, my new "best friends" turned around and said, "Do you want this ticket".
Yes folks, that night I heard her in person sing my favorite song by her and she sang it nearly at the end. I was truly, truly grateful. She was every bit as wonderful as she was on the CD. Soft caressing deliveries and she kicked it up a notch when she blew the country siren with her friends. All in all it was a terrific experience.

Diane P
NEXT TIME! R-E-S-P-E-C-T @ Ravinia

ARETHA FRANKLIN and her entourage wowed and wooed the sold out capacity crowd at Ravinia. From her extravagant attire to her soul reaching lyrical deliveries, the "Queen" commanded her court like only she can. I was hoping I could have heard my favorite by her. That song MARVIN GAYE wrote and I believe he even sang it, but Aretha canonized it. "Wholy holy" on her AMAZING GRACE CD. But what she did sing in the genre; every one in the Pavillion felt that "Hit from Heaven". Wow! That’s the only way I know how to describe it.

Diane P