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Hey hey Chicago. If you have an interesting "musical scene" to be linked to drop a line to it.
Musical Chairs opening out another way for the Spirit of the "imprisoned splendor"

Studio Chi-Net Way

Chicago's own premier recording engineers get together has a wonderful new format for the EARDRUM . The monthly Newsletter of the Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago

L A's transplant George Bell has made Chi town his preferred home for a number of years, working in studios, teaching and playing the flute. George engineered approximately 700 albums and 100 films, TV programs & commercials. He received two Grammy nominations and one Oscar.more...

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With the Green Thumb Of Drum

And Infinite Free form of expression

Something that makes you say hmmm
Something that makes you realize aha

RE: The laws of physics are not suggestion Check The Real

One great step in audio engineering;
One giant leap for the music industry producer

EARS member Matt Lesko, Sonic Lens, has joined the illustrious group of microphone pre amp designers as with the likes of EARS member John Hardy of the famed M series mic pre amps M 1

Music Chi-Net Way

CHICAGO BLUES has a His<>story to tell about. Simply THE BEST

Highland Park's Taste presented a taste of one of the best R & B Chicago-land bands around this past week-end. This band which has been together for 20 years and is so tight... WOW as far as I am concerned anybody who hasn't heard them is on the late show because they rock Chicago. They got a special encore call from the Mayor of Highland Park who was at the scene, and when they responded, climbed up to the stage and danced with them.
Be sure to hit their dates' page and join them. R-Gang
And great job kudos to the sound guys from T. C. Furlong who definitely had the system on awesome MAX Pump.

Speaking of Highland Park

SMOOTH JAZZ never sounded so good or been so sub-genre selectable as our own ChiTown smooth jazz net station with a plethora of personalizable channels and minimal interruption to continuous smooth play list hosted by Chicago's own favorites Rick O'Dell and Danae Alexander. Listen

Young Chicago Authors was founded in 1991 by Dr. Robert S. Boone, a published author and educator with extensive experience teaching teens in Chicago urban and suburban settings. He assembled a group of educators, writers and philanthropists who all believed that young people should have more exposure to creative writing. more...

Dynamic and musically brilliant star, mother to son and wife of Chicago's own successful restaurateur Edward Wimp, Greta Pope offers more than the average songstress. Listen