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"Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead, tell your storm how big God is." Bob Harper

The statement uttered by Source as Beyonce, "I don't fear anything because I have GOD", reminds us of something we already know because of “The light within that lighteth everyone that comes into the world”. Every good gift and every perfect gift, which we are, is from the Father of lights, which changes not. When you have God you don’t have to fear the loss of anything because you have the Consciousness of it. Having the consciousness of anything is comparable to knowing the multiplication tables. You put them on a blackboard or sheet of paper and when you are finished using them you discard the paper or erase the board. Yet you still have the use of them when you need to use them. It is the same with doors. If one closes you can stare at it or open another because forms of experiences come in infinite and endless variety. The consciousness that you have acquired of satisfaction fulfillment and completeness is the true substance behind the dream. God is not a dream, yet “All that GOD has IS thine”. Satisfaction, fulfillment and completeness

Doors! I used to think that the “Open door” spoken about in Revelations was like no man could keep me from entering a door I wanted to go in. And then I had an experience where a door was closed and locked and I thought I must be at the wrong door. It seemed the only doors opened that I would go in were holding abuse. Always opened conditioned for use. The doors opened wide were set in my thinking to be a lesson learned that they were not opened to be kind; just to train, control, and handle my mind. Then I was reminded of Revelations 3: 8, a familiar verse that let me know as if I was reading it for the first time, because I realized it was not referring at all to the kind of doors I had imagined, but the door that is always opened to me is the door to the Kingdom of God.

Consider nature and life, how it finds its way. If one door closes you will turn and see another wide open and will find yourself opening doors for others for an eternity just like it was opened for you. Why because that which opens doors is the One who created doors.
It’s like a very wise mystic said, “Why settle for a desk when you can have the tree that gives you the desk, chair, and anything else that having the tree provides.”, Joel S. Goldsmith*
*Suffering comes from modeling after the human scene instead of allowing the Love within to be. So to be sure it is not wise to take example from a suffering sense of being as necessary. As we believe... The reason one suffers is because of the violation of the law of loving one another in an unconditional, non judgemental way. As wisdom utters "We don't know what we don't know", it is wise to pause and consider as we rise.
Whomsoever listens, let them understand
RECOMMENDATION 1992 GreenBay Tape 3 Side 1
Now the statement "We can't keep searching in another human being for what we need to search for in ourselves, and that's LOVE.", Mary J Blige, is profound because it is letting us know that every experience that we are opportune to have comes from LOVE ,[SACRED LOVE] within.

"Awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving."
Kahlil Gibran "The Prophet"

The open door that is before you is the door to your fulfillment.
That being said is Word.