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August/September AES and EARS once again this year combined their meeting agenda for the opportunity to learn about the concert harps construction and properties and to review current efforts to research possible alternative materials for the manufacturing. This is due in part because of the trickled down belief in shortage of natural resources that seemingly occur in this dream, as well as relatively unknown factors regarding form. The fact is that alternative exploration and investigation although in this instance surmisable at this stage of development is admirable because there are infinite ways to enjoy and appreciate our expression on this planet. And we are after all modeled after an illimitable design in reality, so kudos to Melinda Carney and performing harpist Julia Roberts from the Civic Orchestra, along with EARS prez Mary Mazurek for the well-appreciated demonstration of various miking techniques for the instrument.
A more in depth article relative yet beyond the scope of this column is forthcoming. You are invited to email your interest in being notified regarding availability.

2005 The seventh annual multi-venue 2005 World Music Festival, Chicago, which started September 16 and wraps Thursday, the 22nd offers many ticketed as well as free show cases around Chicago including performances at Borders Books & Music, Chicago Cultural Center, Old Town School Of Folk Music and Hot House. Find out more by entering World Music Festival Chicago in the Google.

Classical Soul Sauce What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the park. The scene was on the great lawn at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion . The sound was like being cradled and caressed in a celestial sea of virtuosity with Chris Willis, Johnathan Levy and crew navigating. Starting with the magnificence of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with William Eddins at the helm of, forget about Roll Royce as I believe that it was Kunzel that previously referred to them, this was a boundless celestial craft's journey to "The new city". Opening with the presentation of Ives variations on "America", orchestrated by Schuman and Aaron Copland's, Lincoln Portrait, with Senator Barack Obama's successful delivery of the eloquent text of Lincoln regarding the dream of mankind and its inert struggle to experience God intended freedom and eternal existence. Closing with such a masterful rendition of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Sheherazade" that wasn't just music but transcended bliss. See Sourcebiz Page.

Festival Heaven Hey Chicago! Sherry's back in town. Yes, that's right Sherry Scott with Hai Rezolution Will be performing on the main stage at the 16th Annual African Festival Of The Arts This year promises to be one extraordinarily exciting event with some of the world's greatest performing artist including Ahmad Jamal, one of the premier legends of the defunct Persian Hotel lounge, where I cut my live listening music teeth, so to speak. The teacher turned illustrious performer, Roberta Flack as well as the Jazz Mentors from Ravinia, Vickie Winans with the Apostolic Church of God Choir, D J s and so many more.

Ravinia Park Festival Beginning with Chicago Symphony Orchestra marvelous weekends including live accompaniment of the "Wizard Of Oz" movie, which was fantastic and hopefully a trend setting accomplishment. Following with a great evening with Chaka Khan , her band and the Ravinia Festival Orchestra . Chaka Khan blew us away with hit after hit. One enthusiast reveling "I never knew she had it going on like that". "Wow"! And then climaxing the weekend was the most amazing performance by the C S O of Kunzel's "Star Wars" with Erich Kunzel conducting and Daniel Logan narrating which was the highlight of the season. I must admit with the cast and setting it was far more interesting and exhilarating than the motion picture, which was shown at Butler Field in Grant Park, soon after.
The Soul of the music industry, Aretha, once again led with the spirit of majestic peaking for two enchanting nights. And there is certainly more to see and hear for the season is still blossoming with great performances to bear.

June/July 2005 Thanks be to God that although Luther Vandross discarded that false sense of body which professedly held dissatisfaction; I am grateful that the real part of him lives on. The Spirit of Love he exuded is kept alive in us by the legacy of the added things; His music.

Studio Biz [Linked topic from featured quote on the Source Biz 3_26 and home page]...We look within because our individualized infinity, boundlessness and guidance is there. It is God, or however it may be interpreted or named, expressing our wholeness of God's plan for us as individuals. No one else knows what that plan is. It is a secret held in individualized God consciousness and it includes all who are to be involved in making the plan go forth, yet it is still an individualized unfoldment known only by Planner, which is being the plan as the individuals involved. That is why expert advice from someone else does not take precedent over our inner longing of oneness with the plan. Whether it is from clergy, counselor, teacher, successful entrepreneur, etc and the only participants are the ones included in the plan for the plan to go forward. If there is dissension to the plan, the dissension is abandoned not the plan or the plan Maker and the plan Maker decides who is included. Otherwise "The best laid plans of men go astray". Everyone needs to mind their own business then the collective goes forward smoothly, harmonious, happily and successfully. What hinders and amounts to nothing is "meddling human intervention". See Sweet Inspiration Below

Illustrations of the way this works out in every day situations was brought out at a recent EARS monthly meeting held at Gravity Studios with Doug McBride @ the helm. And the following article regarding the AES meet with Bill Whitlock of Jensen
The EARS meet discussion amounted to the main components involved in successful projects being:
1. Pre production: preparation for what would be done enabling quality, expediency and smooth running environment as a result.
2. Leadership and the balancing of egos (attitude adjustment) for the greater well-being and I will inject here, integrity of the end product.
3. A fun, lively, cooperative experience.
4. Personnel best suited for each phase of the production.
What Doug is able to bring to the program is a wealth of experience from working with others that were more experienced and the opportunity to experiment with a variety of components, applications and equipment for advancement in the field. And of course owning the facility gives a definite edge on respect for his leadership besides.
In my own prior experience in recording studios and sound stage facilities as well as field and remote projects these are strong attributes to successful outcomes, especially the mutual respect and positive attitude, as well as the availability of components.
And this is not necessarily a regimented endeavor it depends on the make up of the parties involved. I have been involved in many fly by the seat projects that were highly successful, however I might add that return on investment I found to be proportional to the former mentioned components being present. Yet tuned in to the source can overide all these factors and be sucessful.
When asked, as a producer was he privy to feedback of the steps leaving happy with the product from the studio to a successful return on investment, it boiled down to being a matter of what the client wanted his project to achieve.
When attuned to the source of the plan and guided by that inner Soul sense, satisfaction, fulfillment and completeness is the definite achievement.
In one case that he knew about the result was a very lucrative six figured signing.

At this month's AES Chicago chapter meeting the renown Bill Whitlock of Jensen Transformers and Quad 8 among many notable endeavors showed love by sharing his conceptual experiences with what makes for a quality state-of-the-art studio system design installation, his focus being mythical examination of the elimination of "Hum & Buzz in Unbalanced Interconnect Systems". This information should be respected because of his expertise in this field. This goes for any field of endeavor. If there is no qualified understanding, study or experience in the subject area, then there could not possibly be intelligent input regarding the targeted subject. For example: If you have studied, researched and have experience in the field of metaphysics, you are qualified to present and report your position and the only intelligent response of one who has not is to study, research and experience themselves. Not rely on the works or reports of others. If you have researched the field of physics and have operational experience in that area you are qualified to present and report your position. Bill Whitlock is sucessful in his field because he did this. This information is needed by most who work within the industry of audio engineering. If you are in need of expertise at that level of operation you can download plenty of information @ The Application Notes page

Gladys Knight You Rock

giving an exceptionally poignant acceptance speech for her "Lifetime Achievement Award" and performance at the B. E. T. Awards ceremony, which aired on their cable network. She graciously presented the secret to success and longevity by acknowledging the plan maker, the plan exhibiter and the plan activated which in actuality is three functioning as One and then she went on to acknowledge the all inclusiveness of what is. Family, friends, fans, et al. Five years and counting, number one now at the Flamingo in Vegas. And this is one great example of how a musical or any other career can successfully span decades. We all have that opportunity in spite of appearances to the contrary when we acknowledge and open our self to being one with the Father as she did so eloquently.
In case you missed it you will have another opportunity to see an encore presentation July 12.

The formidably gifted and talented Dr. Beverly Ross Normand was honored in a festive celebration of her retirement from the Chicago Board of Education.
This gracious light of the most high had many tributes in the form of words of wisdom, quips, poetry, works of art and special musical tributes by performers Scydonia "Sam" Walls, Vernetta Willete, Samantha Wolf, brother Terry Ross, Dr. Carl Lawson, the renown Malachi Thompson, Kirk Brown, Ari Brown, joined by Willie Pickens who arrived straight from his Jazz Prelude set with the Mentors & Scholars at Ravinia and Yosef Ben Israel .
Although unable to acknowledge at the event, the wonderful works of Love by Beverly, who is no stranger to musical accomplishment, recording with notable artists as well composing hymns, privately I "Toasted" her and I am taking this on line opportunity to share my awareness and experience of how this Light and Love shines which is in sync with what one of her illustrious guest spoke of when he said he hoped other teachers would catch what she had.
When there were seemingly necessary strikes occurring in the system, Beverly searched until she found a way in an unoccupied space of another building to keep right on trucking with her students during this period and she did it for no compensation and surely may have taken on additional expense herself. This impressive move in turn prompted me to nominate her for a Golden Apple Award for which she more than qualified. However, when she received the package from the nominating committee she informed me that she wouldn't be able to accept the nomination because of prior commitments and asked would I re-nominate her at a later time. Well that endeavor got lost in the shuffle of cycling opportunity because of the procedural process.
I also let Beverly know that I had a musical tribute in the form of a piece composed a year or so ago for Native American flute entitled "New Beginnings" which again because of time and communication constraints did not work out for the roast ceremony although she did receive a taste as we departed from the event. All the best to you Doc Bev.
In other news The Engineering and Recording Society Of Chicago and the AES Chicago Section , met and toured with, audio system designer Jonathan Laney of TALASKE, Steve Barbar of LARES Associates and technicians of the Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Millenium Park in Chicago. More will be forth comming at AES Chicago Chapter and EARS websites.
Jazz @ RAVINIA weekend provided an interesting slant this year. Along with the usual festivities hosted by Chicago's own Ramsey Lewis, there was the insertion of "A Prairie Home Companion" live broadcast which was presented at the Pavillion late afternoon Saturday, prior to a solo performance by Mr. Lewis in the Martin Theatre. The weekend concluded with riveting performances by the extaordinary Marsalis Family and Chick Corea & Touchstone at the Pavillion

Chicago once again celebrated a terrific Blues Festival in Grant Park and the only performance at the Petrillo I was privilege to see and hear was the amazing Staple Singers . Mavis Staples new CD is wonderful and I could certainly resonate with "God Is Not Sleeping" which was done so beautifully. And the band really just displayed such enormously skilled musicianship with their knock out solos. They wowed us all. Thank You.
Note: you can visit her page by pasting this url http://www.mavisstaples.com/article.cfm?id=187&type=24 in the address bar when you are through with this site
Any one visiting the city recently, had the opportunity to learn about Chicago Blues Museum which was featured in two tourists attraction magazines, with Founder/President Greg Parker making the cover of "WHERE". Stay tuned for more activity regarding this impressive endeavor by The Parker's, wife Stephanie, mother Delores, daughter and a host of friends and associates.

2005 Chicago Gospel Music Festival .
Music great! Participants great! Audience great! Staff great! Crew great! Weather great! Once again showing how God does great through all.

April/May 2005


Expert tells you you can't have your heart's desire because you are limited ie. closed door, you're fired, not enough votes, not enough talent, whatever et al... all based on opinion that is judged by perceived appearance. Now your heart's desire is backed by infinite unlimited, as a matter of fact it is the infinite unlimited. So the expert opinion is really not the answer because the answer is within where the heart's desire is. All the expert is is a sign post telling you to search deeper within your own soul. Because once its your heart's desire you already have it. It is one with you. If you believe the "expert" and give up letting them tell you to follow their direction instead , then you are limiting and self bondaging and settling for which is not following Love's way. You can share with the world yet you shouldn't take from the world. You sharing your heart's desire with the world is the reward of all.

You blew competition right out of the water and revealed it for what it really is, the showing forth of the joy of your inner Spirit. As far as the title, it is the culmination of who gets the most calls coming through for that particular event. Yes some may have more work before Spirit is fully engaged for continuous display, yet we all have that same degree of greatness within. By the way

CONGRATULATIONS to all who have discovered their purpose and are living it.